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How business misrepresented evidence: the South African sugar tax story

In a recently published study on the political activities of the soft drinks industry in the lead up to South Africa introducing a sugar tax, we outlined the complex and systematic way in which big corporations and business associations misrepresented evidence to the […]

Connecting the dots in South Africa’s VAT increase and inflation

Shutterstock Jannie Rossouw, University of the Witwatersrand South Africa is bracing itself for the first increase in Value Added Tax (VAT) in many years. The hike is part of the government’s efforts to contain a budget deficit. VAT is set […]

Create Tax Relief Through Your Property (and Use the Bank’s Money to Invest in Unit Trusts)

Are you paying too much tax? With a property rental loss system you can create an investment strategy that will work both ways: 1. give you significant tax relief; and 2. utilize the best proven investment vehicle – Unit Trust Investments.

This way you will be able to enjoy a property portfolio as well as a Unit Trust portfolio that is growing stronger than property.

How Much Tax Will You Pay After the 2017 Budget Speech?

BUDGET SPEECH | and TAX Implications of Section 7C for Trusts?

Most of the 2017 budget speech speculations were around whether Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan would increase VAT, introduce a new ‘supertax’ on wealthy individuals or be ‘braaied’ himself.

A response to Saffers complaining about proposed expat tax

Dhanyal Davidson | Fin24 “If the implementation of these taxes wields you unable to live in Bermuda or whatever other tax haven, move somewhere else. You have this luxury,” writes Dhanyal Davidson in response to another user’s reaction to a […]

The Benefits of Employing People With Disabilities in South Africa

When human resource companies consult with organisations on human resources matters, it is evident that employing persons with disabilities is the furthest thing from their minds. Instead of exploring ways in which to recruit and integrate disabled people into their […]