SARS Tax Year 2018

The tax season is upon us. SARS tax year 2018 starts 1 July 2018, are you ready? SARS definitely improving their service, they have realised there is a mad rush once the tax season starts so they have started early with their notifications.

SARS At Your Service logoCheck you phone and see if you received their SMS, it reads as follows …

Dear eFiler, tax season starts 1 July 2018. Forgot your eFiling login name and password? Obtain or reset via eFiling or call 0800007277.

Regard, SARS

SARS eFiling Website

Be very careful, make sure you are on the official SARS eFiling website. Many scams have been reported in the past.

Have a happy tax season 2018, it almost sounds like Christmas … for some it actually will be. For the rest Tax Break hopes to assist in making tax year 2018 better.

As an innovative revenue and customs agency, SARS aims to enhance economic growth and social development, thereby supporting South Africa’s integration into the global economy in a way that benefits all citizens.

Contact us:
National Contact Centre
0800 00 7277

International Callers
+27 11 602 2093
(only between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm SA time)