South African Revenue Service EFiling SCAM Alert

Latest South African Revenue Service EFiling SCAM Alert: The screen below requires taxpayers to fill in their cell phone number before they can proceed with eFiling. This is not required. If you have submitted your income tax return and you are due for a refund, SARS does not require you to go to eFiling to get your refund. – Ignore this scam.

SARS EFiling SCAM Alert

SARS News and Updates 2017 Tax Year

Already submitted your tax return? Sorry, you may have to do it again…is this SARS news? Sars is experiencing technical issues. Have a medical aid, retirement fund or travel allowance are the areas where the errors have crept in …
Travel allowance codes left off IRP5s
Medical data may be incorrectly pre-populated
Changes relating to the Retirement Annuity section
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Omission Of Retirement Annuity TAX Code 4582

With the implementation of the Retirement Reform requirements, information tax code 4582 (remuneration portion of income included under income codes: 3701 Travel Allowance, 3702 Re-imbursive Travel Allowance, 3802/3816 Use of Employer provided Vehicle) and its value were omitted from the submission file created by e@syFile™ Employer. This resulted in IRP5/IT3(a) certificates containing codes 3701, 3702, 3802 and/or 3816 but omitting code 4582 and its value being received by SARS. Continue reading “Omission Of Retirement Annuity TAX Code 4582”