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DebiCheck: How it works

In the past debit order fraud has been a big frustration and while different methods were tried to curb it, these have not always been successful.  

DebiCheck gives all parties involved the peace of mind because the consumer will know the exact details of the debit order as they would have authenticated it before the collection happens. The Debt Counsellor will have a record of which consumers have authenticated the transaction and will be continuing their journey to financial freedom through debt review.

Now that we have given you a brief introduction to what DebiCheck is, we aim to explain how it works.  

Step 1: Onboard your consumer.

Step 2: Select DebiCheck as the consumer’s collection method where applicable.

             A debit order mandate must be completed by the consumer to allow for the   

             DebiCheck authentication to be sent to them.  

Step 3: It is important to educate your consumers on the importance of DebiCheck. Make    

             sure that your consumer understands the DebiCheck processes, by giving them the necessary information. 

Step 4: Submit the plan with the DebiCheck collection method ticked, to the PDA.

Step 5: The consumer will receive an SMS to electronically confirm the debit order.

             The consumer will have a limited time to confirm and accept the DebiCheck 

             Authentication request, this is based on their bank’s approved method. (The 

             the consumer can use either an ATM, online banking or their banking app to accept the authentication request)

Very important: 

  • Consumer’s contact details must at all times be updated with his bank as well as, with you as their debt counselor. 
  • There are some amendments to the debit order which will require your consumer to re-confirm and re-authenticate the details with the bank. 

Step 6: You will receive confirmation if the consumer has accepted/rejected the    

             authentication request or if the request has expired.

These 6 steps show how simple, effective and convenient the DebiCheck process is, whilst keeping all parties involved and informed.

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